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Magic Dryer Hanger

Magic Dryer Hanger

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Easy, Fast and Smart Portable Dryer

Magic Dryer Hanger is the smart hanger that dries wet clothes in a flash and smoothes wrinkles without ironing!

Its automatic dual temperature system dries wet clothes with hot air and freshens garments while deodorizing them with cool air so they’re always ready to use. The Magic Dryer Hanger dries your clothes while hanging, without damaging or shrinking them – so they always end up ready for your next use! It also works perfectly in drying shoes from the inside out and effectively eliminates bacteria and moisture in footwear!


-Quick drying with 2-3hrs, electronic 150w/110-220v

-The built-in microcomputer controls hot and cold air auto-switch every 3hrs. Blow hot air, but not too hot enough to damage clothes. Cold air option available if worry about shrinkage or heat damage. 

-For dry laundry: shirt, T-shirt, shorts, vest, lightweight coat, infant clothes, underwear, underpants, socks, and other lightweight clothes. 

-It is home essential with normal clothing for overall nursing, small-scaled clothe and shoes urgently dry function. 



  • Voltage: 110v-120v
  • Power: 150w 
  • Material: ABS plastic + electronic components 
  • Size: 9.6*8.5*3.94 inches 

Package Included: 

  • 1x Magic Dryer Hanger
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