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SkidSafe™ - Anti Skid Tire Block Chains (2pcs)

SkidSafe™ - Anti Skid Tire Block Chains (2pcs)

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Driving alone can be fun and smooth-sailing... that is until you hit a muddy rough road or a deeply snow-covered area. Well, in times like those, there’s something you can rely on — The Skid-Safe Tire Blocks!

These ain't your ordinary blocks. These are wonders that can get you out of a tight spot real quick and easy!

  • This anti-skid chain is designed for automotive safety.
  • The use of special anti-skid surface rough surface so that it increases the friction with the road.
  • It protects the car tire from slippage and ensures safe and stable driving.
  • Effective in the snow and muddy road conditions.

Drive all alone and worry-free! All that being said, you won’t be stranded anymore when you need to pass through a rough terrain. This one guarantees to get you out of that bad situation fast and easy.

Now the next time your car tires get stuck in the ground, surrounded by a difficult terrain, trust on the Skid-Safe Tire Blocks to help you out so you can get to your next destination safe, sound, and on time. These blocks are definitely heaven-sent for anyone out there who drives a car!

Product Specifications:
Anti-skid chain size: length 18CM, width 7.5CM, thickness 2.8CM
Nylon strap length: 104CM
Package Includes: 1 Pair Anti Skid Tire Block Chains
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