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Anti-microbial Cat Liter Mat

Anti-microbial Cat Liter Mat

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Hey! are you tired of cleaning your pet's poop and pees? What are you waiting for?

Try this product Anti-microbial cat liter mat its easy to clean, urine proof, and non-absorbent edge. The Anti-microbial cat liter mat is safe, non-toxic, and completely pet-friendly. And because it’s extra durable and soft on their little padded feet, the smooth, comfortable surface will make it easier for your furry friends to get in and out of their boxes. 

The Anti-microbial cat litter mat features a “honeycomb” top layer that lets litter slide in through the holes and traps it on the solid rubber bottom. Keep your floors clean by keeping kitty litter from tracking all over the house with the innovative trap litter mat. The bottom layer is waterproof which will not allow any liquid to go through.

Protect your hardwood floors and carpets from nasty urine stains. Regular cleaning by running water is recommended.

Traps litter from cats paws and litter from the box. Litter falls through extra large holes.

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