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High Pressure All-In-One Mortar Sprayer

High Pressure All-In-One Mortar Sprayer

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Make your home decoration or construction site painting a simple, easy and affordable experience with the highest quality, fast delivery Mortar Sprayer Gun that the market has to offer.


Extremely easy and simple to operate, without any learning curve required, you will be able to efficiently and simply use this premium quality mortar gun for any task you have at hand!


Experience convenience, efficiency, and speed that you’ve never experienced before... This extraordinary Mortar Gun can literally replace 10 workers!

Oh – and did we forget to mention that it can also serve as a general air compressor?


Don’t hesitate – get it today at a special, limited time discounted rate!

Item specifics:

  • Working Pressure: 8-10 KG
  • Suggested Air Compressor: 3 HP (more the better )
  • (Already equipped with an accessory, the trachea can be inserted directly into it then use.)
  • Weight: About 2.2 KG
  • Spray width :500mm
  • Optimal spray distance: 500mm
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