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Portable Mini Handheld Vacuum Food Sealer With 5 or 10 Zipper Bags

Portable Mini Handheld Vacuum Food Sealer With 5 or 10 Zipper Bags

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The Portable Mini Handheld Vacuum Food Sealer was made of the leading quality with vastly benefits that other products don't have. Therefore we believe that this item will definitely satisfy your need! Our Vacuum Food Sealers is made of the finest quality with durable and flexible material in good thickness. 

This Portable Mini Handheld Vacuum Food Sealer Has a Four Major Use Scenarios Quality Life Helper.

  • Cook by Sous Vide Precision Cooker with Vacuum Zipper Bag

  • Work for Vacuum Clothes Bag when Travelling and Home Use

  • Pump Air from Vacuum Containers

  • And for Vacuum Wine Stopper


 Vacuum Zipper Bag Suction Operation


  • Beautiful Design -  Industrial design inspired by fish mouth spit bubble, exquisite ABS+PC appearance materials.
  • Intelligent Identification of Negative Pressure Automatically Stop Working -  When the vacuum machine recognizes that the pressure in the working environment reaches to -50kpa, the vacuum opportunity automatically stops working, eliminating the need to manually close the operation.
  • Replaceable Silicone Nozzle Adapt to Common Vacuum Storage Device -  The nozzle uses silicone materials to prevent contamination of ingredients silica gel has good material properties and can be automatically absorbed on the valve surface during pumping.
  • 1000mAh Big Battery -  300 pumping for 1L vacuum container after fully charged. (1000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery)
  • Micro USB Charging Port - Easier Charging

Product Parameters

  • Product Weight: 170g
  • Product Size: 54x54x125 mm
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Pumping Rate: >/ 3.5L 1Min
  • Vacuum Level: -50Kpa

 Perfect for picnics & camping trips, Keep homemade treats fresh, simplify meal prep and lunches. What are you waiting for? press the '''''ORDER''''' button now!!

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